Hi! My name is Dim.
I am UI/UX Designer.


A little piece of me.

I sometimes find it quite difficult to talk about myself. I often let my work do the heavy talking, cause a picture is always worth a thousand words in my book. Since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the way the world around me looked and functioned.

And little did I know, that is actually what design is all about. It's that obsession with every minor detail, that beauty found in simplicity and that constant quest of figuring out how to make everything just, work.

I was the kind of child that escaped in its own special fantasy world so to speak. A boy drawing cartoon characters with his crayons who preferred flipping through illustrated comic books and watching movies than reading thick novels full of just...words.

Skip a few years later, a graduation from Teesside University in the UK with a BA Hons degree in Creative Visualization & an MA in Creative Multimedia and I finally started doing what I always loved & dreamed of :

Imagining and creating worlds full of colors, words, images, shapes, logos and beautiful ideas.

This is my personal design portfolio.

My own "Dimension".



What I do.

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Web & User Interface Design

Web & User Interface Design is my specialty. I design custom made first-class websites specifically tailored to your needs that work beautifully on any desktop, tablet or mobile.

Websites created with original, attractive and functional aesthetic design that are super easy to use and utilise all the latest trends and technologies available, today.

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Logo Design & Brand Identity

Are you starting up a new and exciting company? Or maybe, you just want to freshen up your brand identity? Logo Design is one of my absolute passions. I design logos with only one goal: To make your brand look and feel like a million dollars!

Clean, modern, quirky and memorable logos made not only to show your company values and services, but make your brand really stand out in the crowd.

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Graphic Design & Illustration

Looking for someone to design all your graphic design & illustration projects for either web or print with great attention to concept, layout, form, typography and color?

Look no further. From web banners to web graphics, from business cards to promotional print media, I got you covered.


Where ideas come to life.

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  • Ikos Resorts Website Thumbnail

    Ikos Resorts Website

  • Sani Festival Website Thumbnail

    Sani Festival Website

  • Dimension Portfolio Website Thumbnail

    Dimension Portfolio Website

  • Ermis Line Website Thumbnail

    Ermis Line Utility Bills Website

  • Oceania Club Resort Website Thumbnail

    Oceania Club Resort Website

  • Epsilon Energy Website Thumbnail

    Epsilon Energy Website

  • El Gaucho Wine E-Shop Thumbnail

    El Gaucho Wine E-Shop

  • G&I Custom Luxury Travel Website Thumbnail

    G&I Custom Luxury Travel Website

  • BB-Cake E-Shop Thumbnail

    BB-Cake Fashionwear E-Shop

  • Dionysos Restaurant Website

    Restaurant Dionysos Website

  • Wines from Greece E-Shop Thumbnail

    Wines from Greece E-Shop

  • Mikhail Shlemov Photography Website Thumbnail

    Mikhail Shlemov Photography Website

  • Elinotel Website Thumbnail

    Elinotel Hotels Website

  • G-Edition Website Thumbnail

    G-Edition Wine Label Website

  • Lolita Von Stoff Logo Thumbnail

    Lolita Von Stoff Zapatillas Logo

  • Zalzero Games Logo Thumbnail

    Zalzero Games Logo

  • Robotix Lab Logo Thumbnail

    Robotix Lab Logo

  • Hot Shot Logo Thumbnail

    Hot Shot Beverages Logo

  • Bushfire Kitchen Logo Thumbnail

    Bushfire Kitchen Diner Logo

  • Seguros Venezuela Logo Thumbnail

    Seguros Venezuela Security Logo

  • Spring Lane Logo Thumbnail

    Spring Lane Sportswear Logo

  • Sallyeander Soaps Logo Thumbnail

    Sallyeander Soaps Logo

  • Goodwood Golf Club Logo Thumbnail

    Goodwood Golf Club Logo

  • 66 Days E-Cigarettes Logo Thumbnail

    66 Days E-Cigarettes Logo

  • Half Serious Logo Thumbnail

    Half Serious Consulting Agency Logo

  • Big Wish Shopping Lists Logo Thumbnail

    Big Wish Shopping Lists Logo

  • Sexy Boy Underwear Logo Thumbnail

    Sexy Boy Men's Underwear Logo

  • Like a Blue Sky Studio Logo Thumbnail

    Like a Blue Sky Recording Studio Logo

  • Diolect Card Thumbnail

    Diolect Translation Services Card

  • Dimension Card Thumbnail

    Dimension Portfolio Card

  • Nail Artist Card Thumbnail

    Niki Nail Artist Card

  • G&I Card Thumbnail

    G&I Custom Luxury Travel Card

  • Osom Online Marketing Card Thumbnail

    Osom Online Marketing Card

  • Ermis Card Thumbnail

    Ermis Utility Bills Card

  • Nick Pappas Photography Card Thumbnail

    Nick Pappas Photography Card

  • Psyk Card Thumbnail

    Psyk Organisational Psychology Card

  • Jason Vogiatzis Eye Doctor Card Thumbnail

    Vogiatzis Eye Doctor Card

  • Antonis Iliadis Taxi Chauffeur Card Thumbnail

    Iliadis Taxi Chauffeur Card

  • Giorgos Symeonidis Card Card Thumbnail

    Symeonidis English Professor Card

  • Spiros Gaitanidis Siatsu Massage Card Thumbnail

    Gaitanidis Massage Services Card

  • Browne's Temperance Bar Website Thumbnail

    Browne's Temperance Bar Illustration

  • Marketing Greece Newsletter

    Marketing Greece Newsletter

  • El Gaucho Club Banners Thumbnail

    El Gaucho Club Banners & Sticker Button

  • Jirji Mirji Etsy Shop Thumbnail

    Jirji Mirji Profile Pics & Web Banners

  • El Gaucho Newsletter Banners Thumbnail

    El Gaucho Annual Newsletter Banners

  • Sani Facebook Photo Competition Thumbnail

    Sani Facebook Photo Competition App

  • Baby Radio Banners Thumbnail

    Babyradio Player Skin & Web Banners

  • Daios Cove Banners Thumbnail

    Daios Cove Web Banners

  • Daios Luxury Living Banners Thumbnail

    Daios Luxury Living Web Banners

  • Sani Resort Banners Thumbnail

    Sani Resort Web Banners

  • Oceania Club Banners Thumbnail

    Oceania Club Web Banners

  • Diolect Letterhead Thumbnail

    Diolect Translation Services Letterhead

  • Gift Voucher Thumbnail

    G&I Luxury Travel Gift Voucher

  • G&I Letterhead Thumbnail

    G&I Luxury Travel Letterhead

  • Brain Ride Βοοκ Cover Thumbnail

    Brain Ride Book Cover

  • Modus Vivendi Fashion Catalogue Thumbnail

    Modus Vivendi Fashion Catalogue

  • Modus Vivendi Magazine Ad Thumbnail

    Modus Vivendi Lifo Magazine Ad

  • Modus Vivendi Retail Store Sign Thumbnail

    Modus Vivendi Retail Store Sign

  • TNS Sign Thumbnail

    TNS Store Sign

  • Pizza Espania Delivery Menu Thumbnail

    Espania Pizza Delivery Menu

  • Well Done T-Shirt Thumbnail

    Well Done T-Shirt

  • A Game of Cards T-Shirt Thumbnail

    A Game of Cards T-Shirt

  • Nature's Wrath T-Shirt Thumbnail

    Nature's Wrath T-Shirt

  • Fashion Avenger T-Shirt Thumbnail

    Fashion Avenger T-Shirt

  • Roots of Colour Thumbnail

    Roots of Colour Digital Art

  • Evolution Thumbnail

    L' Evolution de Communication Digital Art

  • Milla Vintage Thumbnail

    Vintage Milla Digital Art

  • The Binky Story Thumbnail

    The Binky Story Digital Art

  • A Game of Cards Thumbnail

    A Game of Cards Digital Art

  • Nature's Wrath Thumbnail

    Nature's Wrath Digital Art

  • Facebook Factory Thumbnail

    The Facebook Factory Digital Art

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