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Elinotel Hotels Website

Deliverables: Website

Services: Interface Design, Web Design

About: Elinotel Apolamare and Elinotel Polis are two luxurious hotels "on the beach" located in Hanioti Halkidiki, Greece.

Creative Thinking: Elinotel features 2 hotel websites under the same portal. They share the same design layout but use different colors (blue for Polis and orange for Apolamare) for visitors to be able to distinguish them from each other. A three column layout is used to divide the information into 3 different sections. A sidebar menu, hotel information and a dedicated space for promotional banners. The color scheme is a combination of dark (a dark gradient grey for the main menus and sidebars) and light colors (light shade of beige for the backgrounds) that balance each other out perfectly together with blue and orange transparent panels for an elegant luxurious look.

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