Modus Vivendi Fashion Catalogue

Deliverables: Catalogue

Services: Graphic Design, Catalogue Design, Photo Retouch & Color Correction

About: Modus Vivendi is a men’s fashion item brand.

Creative Thinking: The concept behind the design of modus fashion catalogue started with an illustration I created featuring various every day items (a razor, a swiss knife, scissors, pair of sunglasses, ipod, keychain etc) as seen on the catalogue’s second page. The catalogue is split in various thematic sections based on the type and style of clothing presented (black and white, zippers, stripes etc). For each theme, a photo of the 2 male models is creatively manipulated and an one item from the second page illustration is placed within the photo almost like playing a hide and seek game. For example, for the zippers theme, the mouths of the male models are closed shut using zippers, with the phrase “zip it.” as the theme’s moto. The chosen “every day” item is a razor and all the clothes that follow, feature you guessed it, zippers!

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